QUANT release 7 simulates the impact of changes in population, employment, and travel costs associated with movements on the transport network in UK Cities.

QUANT uses a simple model of how workers choose the places where they live with respect to attractive those places are and the travel costs from their workplaces.

QUANT visualises employment, working population, and journeys to work from the 2011 Population Census and then compares these with predictions from the model. The process of running the model and making comparisons with what we observe is called calibration and this fine tunes the model to simulate the data as closely as possible

How to use QUANT?

Choose your location of interest...

You can choose an area of the country by pointing at the map or default to the entire country.

Explore the Data...

You can visualize the data as a series of maps and/or other graphical outputs which you can load in any order.

Run the Model...

We first ask you to initiate the calibration of the model and this then happens automatically. The travel parameter is then fixed and this ensures that we get a good match between the observations and the model predictions. After the model has been calibrated, you can see the outcome in a series of maps and graphical outputs that mirror those you have used if you explore the data